The Saw Mill & Timber Yard in Clayton-le-Moor’s next to the canal bridge.

The original family wood yard and saw mill, next to canal bridge in Clayton-le-moors.

The wood was felled at the family farm in Great Harwood and then dragged by horse from the woodlands initially direct to the saw mill.

And later by barge on the canal to the timber yard. It’s said the horses could find their own way and once attached to the logs would set of down to the saw mill with out a yards man to lead them.

The beginnings of a family business .....

Restoration work carried out by: Mr Fred Moore Wheel Wright, Mr Adrian Trendgrove Sign Writer, assisted by Mr Ken Moore

In the 1970’s Alan decided to have that very first truck restored by a small team of craftsmen who he had known for many years.

The old truck had been kept in the garage covered for many years and the wooden frame and body required completely rebuilding.

And here we can see the truck as it was finished every detail restored to the original state. The cab was completely built from wood as was the cab frame and tipper back. As with the original the hand winding mechanism was also restored to enable the tipper to work as originally.

Image: Alan Bracewell with the restored tipper truck.

This is the very first truck ever purchased by Thomas Bracewell in 1930 and cost the staggering sum of .......... £ 250.00

The vehicle had no hydraulic system to raise or lower the back. This was done by the driver who turned a crank shaft attached to a screw mechanism to tip the back and then lower it.

The young driver is Alan Bracewell, Thomas’s son who went on to run the business and in 1949 the transport company moved to it’s present location at Dill Hall Garage on Dill Hall Lane Church.

The saw mill and timber yard continued at the canal site.

The beginnings of the transport & haulage company .....