Our History

The Bracewell family have been involved in road transport from the early 1900’s.

They had a wood yard by the canal in Clayton Le Moors and, after processing the wood was loaded onto a wooden cart, then delivered to customers.

In time, small flat bed wagons replaced the carts and these were also used to deliver coal to local industry and households. After the war, road and house building increased rapidly and tipper wagons were purchased to supply the large amounts of ash and stone required. The work was very labour intensive as most vehicles were loaded by hand. However, at a later date the tipper wagons were loaded by large mechanical shovels.

The garage was built in 1949 and has always been primarily used for the maintenance of the vehicles and storage.

In 1979, Alan Bracewell and his son Robin started a road haulage company from the same premises, making local and long distance deliveries.Initially flatbed transportation was used but the introduction of curtain sided trucks made palletised distribution easier and more efficient.

Tail lifts have now been added to most of the curtain sided vehicles to enable the delivery of palletised goods for businesses who do not have unloading facilities.


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